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Swig & Ramble is an adult beverage focused podcast created by three zany imbibers who wanted to bring great content and hilarious shenanigans to the masses.

Pour a drink and join us each week as we swig and ramble our way through industry news, what ‘sours our mash’, tasting notes on what we’re swigging, and of course, some hard-hitting main topics!

*Adult language is used – listener, beware*

Three people, three vastly different backgrounds – coming together for one dynamic experience.

Season 2 Episodes

S2: Thanksgiving!!!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and today we’re discussing some knockout pairings for your holiday feasting! Whether you do turkey, ham, duck, roast beef, veg, sweet potato pie, corn casserole, or pumpkin pie, we’ve got you covered! Pour a drink and tune in for the shenanigans…

S2: Livermore #1

Join the cohorts as they travel together for the first time! Joined by Todd Godbout from @bevfluence they travel to Livermore CA wine country! The first stop? @pagemillwinery with Dane Stark. Sit back, grab a glass and join us as we talk wine with a family operation in the valley

S2: Hangover Myths

Hot on the heels of our drunken adventures, we’re back with Ally Ayres to talk about all things hangover related. Do sulfites really cause that after-wine headache? Does more hair of the dog relieve your suffering? Just what is it about those “hangover cure” pills, anyway?? Tune in for this and soooo much more!

S2: Drunk Stories

The cohorts are back, along with special guest Ally Ayres, to share their drunken exploits and escapades – well, all except Justin because he seems to have never been drunk…wtf???!

S2: Home Brews with The Viking

Cohorts Mindy and Julia are joined by Steve Bak, AKA The Viking, to discuss all things beer and home brewing! Learn about favorite styles, failures and successes, and take away some key tips to start your own home brewing experiments!

Follow Steve @bakbrewing and @stephenbak_music

S2: Hipsters?

“Having sliced avocado, homemade mini frittatas, an organic apple and freshly ground coffee for breakfast. The sudden realization that you are a fucking hipster: priceless.” We welcome back Robert Diana for this episode where we go off on Hipsters! What IS a Hipster? Are they made or came that way? Why do they crave absurd IBUs? And yes, there is some hazy curious talk…

S2: Whiskey Reviews with Robert Diana

We’re back with a new episode – Whiskey Reviews! And we are joined by the illustrious @robdiana, a whiskey reviewer for an international magazine. He walks us through the process, some tricks to finding those hidden flavors, and of course we rag on hilarious tastings notes we’ve read…And make fun of people who use a 5 point scale.

S2: Troop

This week we sit down with the Troop team to talk about their craft cocktails, pure ingredients, and how Troop even came into being! A fun time was had by all – a not to miss episode!! We love supportive small and female-led businesses!

Be sure to check out all the deliciousness @drinktroop

S2: Sours Our Mash, Pt 2

You know us. You know we weren’t gunna stop ranting. This time, cohorts Justin, Mindy, and Julia bitch about dumb customer phrases, the American “healthcare” system, sexist and degrading remarks, and Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers. We also weigh in with some Ramblers Mashes.

S2: Sours Our Mash, Pt 1

Today, we are going on a rant (not that that’s odd on this show), but welcome to an episode dedicated in full to SOURS MY MASH. That’s right – we have so much stuff to bitch about, we just HAD to make it its own thing. And no, we will not allow Justin to just bitch about traffic for an hour.

S2: Gin & Junk, Pt 2

We’re back with Keli Rivers and David T Smith for more gin swigging and rambling about the best junk food pairings!

S2: Sippin’ on Gin & Junk, Pt 1

Cohorts Justin, Mindy, and Julia are joined by gin experts and authors Keli Rivers and David T. Smith for an exploration of gin and junk food! They nosh on jerky, chips, candy, and sip a dozen different gins. Tasting notes and shenanigans ensue!

S2: Tequila Part Dos – Stick to Your Fucking Acting

Just in time for Cinco de Mayo, Julia and Justin are back with Sandy Greco to continue the exploration of Tequila! This episode we look at (more) celebrity brands, quality distillers, myths, and so much more. Take your Tequila knowledge to the next level by tuning in!

S2: Tequila! Pt 1

Nerdy Cohorts, Justin and Julia, are excited to bring in Tequila enthusiast Sandy Greco for a deep dive into this oft-misunderstood spirit. Beware listener – we get into the weeds on this one! So if you’ve ever wanted to learn about Tequila, this is the ep for you!

S2: Article Bitchfest Pt 2 – Bitchapalooza

This week, we sound off on stolen whiskey, “beginner” whiskey, questions you should never ask a wine pro, and sulfites! If you wrote an article – we’re coming for you!

S2: Article Bitchfest Pt 1 – Why Do People Write Stupid Shit?

Due to the enormous response from Season One’s Article Bitchfest, we knew we had to do another! There’s just SO MUCH trash out there – no way we couldn’t dive right in. Prepare yourselves for a 2 parter, Ramblers. In this first foray, we tackle “up and coming” bourbon brands to “watch”, tasting notes of Biblical proportions, and meth blackmail!

S2: Service Charges, Pt 2 – Tip-py Canoe and Karen 2

We had so much to bitch about, we had to do Part 2! However, we got OTHER service industry pros to share their horror stories, too! From political nuts to absolutely atrocious company policies, we can’t make this shit up. So press play and listen for our opinions on what shitty patrons are (hint: it’s NOT a patriot…)

S2: Service Charges, Pt 1

We’re back at it! This time we tackle that asshat who complained about a $6 surcharge on his $300 tab. Come join us as we come to the conclusion that common sense is dead… also “To hell with you, Eleven Madison Park”

S2: Fuck Mustard

Some of the cohorts have an irrational hatred of the spicy, yellow condiment. Tune in to find out why! Oh yeah, we’ll also loop it back to booze…somehow…we’re not sure how..

Season 2 Intro: How 2022 Will Taste

Welcome back to the Sh*tshow!! We’re delighted to continue educating, scandalizing, and overall having a rip-roaring good time with y’all! In this week’s episode, we take a look at what Season 2 will look like.

Season 1 Episodes

Season 1 Finale: The Tastes of 2021

Well, kids, it’s been quite a year! We’ve recorded dozens of episodes and special segments, learned a lot, talked even more, and now it’s time we reflected on some of the standout beverages we’ve tasted in 2021. Join us!

Episode 26: Spirits Breakdown, Pt 2

Join us as we swig and ramble our way through more spirits categories! This episode we take a closer look at the realm of Brandy!

Episode 25: Spirits Breakdown, Pt 1

This episode is not a deep dive, just overview of what we can do on this show in the future. Stay tuned for part two which is wild! Come learn from us!

Episode 24: Myths Part 2!

More Myths and stupid shit! ‘Cause we had a lot to rant about…

Episode 23: Myths Part 1

Myths, otherwise known as people talking out of their ass, are prevalent everywhere, but perhaps no industry has some of these myths baked into the very fabric of the industry. 

We are going to explore some of those tonight and perhaps into the future… 

Episode 22: Ghastly Tales & Ghostly Hauntings

We share stories of spooky origin and scary tales of distilleries, bars and houses. All in good fun and we drink.  

Episode 21: Bridge City Sinners

Want to hear some great new music? Then tune into this episode! We are talking to Scott Michaud of the Bridge City Sinners. He joins us to talk about the history of the band, the new album, and their current tour. Also, he tells us about food and drink while on the road. 

The Bridge City Sinners are not your grandparents’ folk music. They are a wicked combination of Appalachian Death Folk, Prohibition Era Jazz, rock, metal, and punk all rolled into one. Their newest album is called “Unholy Hymns” and is available on your favorite music outlet.

Rock on, Ramblers!

Episode 20: Is Vodka Bullshit?

Why are people so angry about vodka? Is it bullshit? There is a lot of misinformation about it that is out there. In this episode, we explore just the first pour from that classy frosted bottle. We aren’t pulling any punches… we have TWO guest hosts. Heavy artillery incoming because we have an actual vodka distiller with us. The other is just an everyday badass.  You’ll just have to tune in to find out who it is and what we talk about.

Always remember, Julia + picklebacks = WIN!

Episode 19: GIN-tervention

Gin experts Keli Rivers and David T. Smith join us to talk about their favorite cocktail: The Negroni. Consultants, Authors, All-around Awesome People, we’re chuffed to have them on the show. So make yourself a drink (might we suggest a Negroni?) and tune in to learn from the professionals. 
We’re excited to welcome the illustrious Ally Ayres back to the show as co-host! (#fuckoffmark). DnD also makes an appearance, Grandma Julia threatens to call the cops for a noise complaint, we hold the first ever Gin-tervention,  and we hear all about savoury pies…

Special Segment – A Dram and A Draw: Part Deux

Well, we’re gluttons for punishment, and we’re back for more snark, more smoke, more booze, and more good times with AshChatHavana. Settle in with your favorite whisky and cigar and learn a thing or two.

Special Segment – A Dram and A Draw: Part 1

Welcome to a very special segment we’ve aptly titled A Dram and A Draw. By the end of this two part series (the first of most likely many to come), you’ll be a whisky and cigar aficionado! Or at least you’ll know juuuuust enough to be dangerous… Julia joins forces with the lads of AshChatHavana to drink and smoke and see who’s going to replace Justin and Mark as co-hosts.

Episode 18: Article Bitch Fest

We’re a little grouchy… but then you knew that. Want to know we are grouchy? Because we keep reading articles that make us go crazy. We are talking pointless, shallow, and flat-out wrong articles about whiskey. We know whiskey is a very hot topic, but we need to stop the madness! Join us on this journey as we pick a few specific pieces that really are offensive. Of course, this Article Bitchfest is all in good fun!

Episode 17: Double Dipping

FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD and Whiskey Part 2… In this episode we are double dipping into your bacon ranch surprise with the same Cheez It while making eye contact. You just have to live with it. To top it off, it’s very weird eye contact. So, check out the next batch of freakiness and the rest of our Rambler suggestions. Hi Bonnie! 🙂 … and thanks to ALL of the other Ramblers who contributed. Listen for your name!

With apologies to Robert this time. Julia is very sorry.

Episode 16: Whiskey and Food Pairings – Cuz We’re Classy Like That

Food! Glorious FOOD! We know some of you think that light beer in cereal is a gourmet delight (it is), but we get pretty fancy here. We get into a bit of the nuts and bolts to talk about getting the right whiskey paired with fancy foods that feature spicy, sweet, tart, or one of the many other flavor profiles out there. Apparently, Julia has such a sensitive and intense palate that she can pick out posh nutty flavors. Just for good measure, we throw in buzzwords like balance, counterbalance, briny, explosion, and fancy shit like that!

The best part of all is that we get to sound off on suggestions from the lovely Ramblers! Did your suggestion make the cut? LISTEN AND FIND OUT (HINT: Our little Robert makes it)!

Episode 15: Unicorns and Rainbows and Shit

This episode… where do we begin? First, we wanted to address a very important topic: unicorn bottles. We talk about the fuckery this causes in the marketplace. More importantly, Julia *snerks* at least 3 times in the first 5 minutes. However, we do need to address that an intruder sneaks in and introduces the show. We have been informed by HR that we also need to change that character’s name and tone down it’s ill-timed humor. Visit our socials for more about your opportunity to rename it.

Episode 14: Return of the Spitbucket

Come join us for Episode 14: Return of the Spit Bucket. What does that even mean?

We’re coming at you live with a new episode that is bound to make you think a little a bit… and maybe even gag. We discuss the sights, smells, and sounds of going back to in-person events and the grandiose splendor of our fellow human beings that are hygienically challenged after a long period of being bathed in sanitizer.

Episode 13: What Our Parent’s Drank (AKA: The Old Folks Show)

We have a very special guest on this week’s episode – Julia’s Mom!! Nancy shares some of her background in drinking, the lads chime in about their parents’ drinking habits, and we have some great shout outs to Ramblers!

Episode 12: Karu Distillery Interview

In this very special episode we chat with Ally and Nick Ayres from Karu Distillery. They share about their journey, the distillery, and life Down Under! We might also have a new co-host in the making 😉

Episode 11: Budget Bottles, MOTHERFUCKER!

It’s time for Episode 11, a Rambler’s Choice – Budget Bottles, Motherfucker! This week, we take a look at what budget bottles mean along with diving in to a lot of great suggestions for quality brands, bottles, and even take a peek at wine regions to explore!

Episode 10: Go Green or Die!

Secretly, we have been courting several forest nymphs and all we ended up with is poison oak on our butts. The good news is that they told us a couple of secrets about sustainability.

  • It’s the news… and we tell you about it
  • We’re getting pretty snobby with our drinks, but we won’t stop sharing what is in our glass
  • Sustainability part two. It is so important and such a big topic, it’s taking us at least two shows to cover it.

Episode 9: Sustainability and Shit

The team has been out back, tending the garden, kissing bees, and making love to the flora. Don’t judge us, we love the environment.

  • We bring you the most up to date news, so you won’t miss out
  • Drinking cool stuff is even better when we can tell you all about it
  • Sustainability is one of the most important topics of our generation. We’re diving deep into the subject and sharing nuggets from the mulch pile.

Episode 8: This is Us

Julia waxes less than eloquent on her industry journey, Justin brags about his pot pie making skillz and childhood drinking, and Mark continuously derails the episode.

Episode 7: Jolt!

After being put in the penalty box for a five minute major penalty, we are back for another episode:

  • A little bit of news to keep you informed
  • There is good stuff in our glass and we want to tell you about it
  • Do you like coffee? Do you like beer? What if they got into bed together and made something incredible?

Episode 6: Biodynamics – Brilliant or Bullshit, Part 2!

The discussion on Biodynamics continues! Julia rants on Sulfites, Justin hates on cocktail making while camping, and Mark works overtime apologizing for Julia and Justin’s behaviors…

Episode 5: Biodynamics – Is It Brilliant or Is It Bullshit?

This week we take a deep dive into Biodynamics! Not to mention bachelorette parties and penis-shaped wine bottles, Chef Morimoto’s new whiskey, and Justin and Mark’s completely cavemen approach to TV. It’s a fun and informaction packed (see what we did there? Combined information and action, cuz we’re cool!) episode – hit that PLAY button!

Episode 4: 4 Fuck’s Sake

This week’s episode is possibly the wildest ride yet! Ridiculous quotes, unfiltered opinions, awesome people and brands – it’s a doozy. Buckle up, buttercup, and press that Play button!

Episode 3: Whiskey Mania and Fuckery

After a legally mandated waiting period and a thorough background check, we are back for another episode:

  • News from around the industry
  • We are getting our drink on and letting you know what kind
  • Irritating fuckery associated with lame articles cashing in on whiskey mania

Episode 2: Diversity, Dammit!

After a customary refractory period, we are back for another! Join us as we talk about:

  • News, Rumors, and General Ballyhoo around the industry
  • The lovely beverages we are enjoying
  • Diversity in the beverage industry

Remember, Ramblers… This is a roller coaster ride like no other, you need to be prepared. There are naughty words and our direct opinions: it is our mission to give you an unfiltered point of view based on our individual experiences.

Episode 1: Welcome to the (shit)Show

In our first episode, we set sail on this amazing journey with YOU… the Ramblers! Join us as we talk about:

  • Happenings in the beverage universe
  • Celebrity beverages… good or bad?
  • What we are drinking

This is a fun and wild ride into the world of whiskey and all of the other beverages in the universe. We use coarse language and speak our minds: it is our mission to give you an unfiltered point of view based on our individual experiences. 

Your job is to push play, follow our socials, and interact with us!