Come for the Whiskey, Stay for the Shit Show

Meet the Swig & Ramble


Footloose and fancy free, Julia Menn has jaunted the world round several times, along the way coming into contact with elephants, cultures, spectacular vistas, eye-opening experiences, and one particularly feisty seal (she’ll tell you about it some time, once she’s over the trauma). Oh, and she also fell in love with wine and whisky! Certified Whisky Ambassador, Gin Ambassador, and WSET L3 Wine pin holder (with sights to L4 and eventually…dun dun DUNNNN!!! Master of Wine!), she’s obviously passionate about wine, spirits, and basically everything alcohol related! From New York to New Zealand to a podcast with two blokes on the opposite coast, it’s always a pleasure swigging and rambling about the good stuff. Slainté!

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In 2012, Justin Koury sat down and decided to launch a podcast called Wizard of Whiskey. His journey into whiskey started many years earlier when he fell in love with peated scotch and bourbon around the same time. He was a chef and consultant in Chicago; originally from Memphis he loves food, whiskey, wine, and lives in California. 

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Mark Pruett is a lover of  adventure, music, and whiskey. He is a writer who connects great stories and interesting people, especially as they relate to whisky. Pruett is also a frequent contributor to The Whiskey Network Magazine (monthly) and the WBSE Barrel Report (weekly), which are whiskey centric publications from the creators of the largest whiskey on Facebook, “Whiskey, Bourbon, and Scotch Enthusiasts.” His interviewees have included well-known people from the world of music, television, and hospitality.

Pruett’s approach to life is “seek experiences at every moment possible.” When not tasting or writing about whiskey, he can be found riding his motorcycle on a forgotten back road and listening to the stories of people he meets along the way.

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